What is CRM?

I started this blog to give people an understanding of what CRM is and how it is relevant to anyone selling anything to anyone.

CRM or Client Relationship Management is how you relate to your clients or customers.  It is how you manage each interaction with them and the effect that has on your relationship with them.

The ‘better’ and more efficient your contact is with your client or customer the more they will buy from you, it is as simple as that.  You do not want to make a one off sale, selling to existing customers is far far easier that hooking new ones.  Hook them once, treat them as if you care about their needs and desires and they will come back for more and more.

I have primarily worked with Law firms teaching them that effective use of information can make a massive difference to their bottom line. This blog however will be applicable to anyone who has customers, whether its 5 or 5 million.


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